About CataFlow Technologies

About CataFlow Technologies

We've answered the call for a better heat trace solution…
The icy gas fields of remote, northern British Columbia were the inspiration for CataFlow's innovative heat trace technology. For producers who rely on steam trucks and other expensive, complicated methods to thaw frozen equipment and product, it seemed there should be a better way to keep their product flowing to market.

Now there is: a simpler, more efficient, affordable, and greener heat trace solution that prevents downtime 24/7 during extreme weather conditions and cold temperatures, even in the most isolated areas.

The result of seven years of research and development, CataFlow's heat trace units are designed and reinforced through rigorous testing to address harsh winter conditions that cost companies lost production time because of blocked product flow due to freezing, waxing and gelling.

Furthermore, CataFlow's commitment to deliver ultra low-emission heating technology makes it easy for companies to meet increasing environmental responsibilities. Our research and development is ongoing as we continue to search for new innovations and expand our product line, responding to the growing needs of our clients, their feedback, and demands in the global marketplace.

Leave old technology,costly heating systems and downtime behind - take advantage of CataFlow's innovations and make winter as productive as it should be. Contact Cataflow today!